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OWN YOUR STORY. I was recently encouraged to do just that: own my story. (I'll dive deeper into that in a future post) For now, here is a little collaboration with The Power of Water as a part of living into our story of empowerment through visual storytelling, and our love for outdoors.

From day one, it was apparent that The Power of Water was committed to inclusion, education, and empowerment. We saw mothers and daughters learning together, a woman with a hip replacement scaling a wall, and a man rediscovering his body's resiliancy after an illness. 

The symposium was a place where questions were encouraged and mistakes were celebrated as a part of the process.  

The outdoors are a great equalizer. Let's work together to Share. Play. Protect. We are always looking for new resources to connect people to the outdoors. Below we've included some organizations that we personally love, please feel free to share your favorites in the comments!



The Power of Water | Kayak + SUP classes, Educational Adventure Trips, ACA + BC training, and a store to gear up for all your paddling needs.

Balanced Rock  | Among many other trips the nonprofit hosts an annual Women of Color Wilderness Retreats in Yosemite combine survival-skill building, yoga, and mindfulness exercises.

The Outbound Collective | A great resource for finding local adventures, outdoor tips, jobs, and a space to share your own story. 

REI Opt Outside | Find local hikes, bike trails, climbing and skiing. 

Uncommon Adventures | Teaching Kayaking + Backcountry cooking in Michigan, Alaska and around the world. 

Brothers of Climbing | An organization tackling diversity in rock climbing. Advocating for more inclusion, better representation, and a tighter community. 

Trail Mavens | Empowering women to be the fire-starters, tent-pitchers, and map-readers, creating opportunities for adventure, leadership, and starry-night camp fire conversation in the great outdoors.

Have Kayaks Will Travel | Paddlesport coaches based out of Chicago.