Take the First  Step

Whether it be stepping outside your front door, onto an airplane or into your car for a little road trip, just do it.

My first step off the Chicago commuter train, on my way to Ireland last summer, lead to a wonderfully spontaneous interaction with a pastor from Honduras. In broken Spanglish we spoke about my travel plans and he prayed over me for safety and for FUN!


Make Friends

Open yourself up. Learn when it is ok to trust strangers and DO IT! Soon they will become your lifelong friends. 


Allow yourself to fully experience a moment, then reflect upon it. You will remember so much more this way.

Even though adventures can be exhilarating and propel you forward with a building momentum, don't go too fast. It can get messy that way, quite literally sometimes. 

Practice Patience

Instead, learn to have patience and wait however long you must for that perfect moment. 


Find Beauty

Even in the broken things. Admire it with reverence, and try not to exploit it. 


Take Risks

Don't be afraid of the dark. I will admit I am, but you never know what beautiful things you will find there. 

Explore the mundane

See the extraordinary in the seemingly mundane. It will change your definition of adventure for ever. (It's easier on the pocketbook too!)

Soak in the Culture

You don't have to go far for this. Pay attention to the culture around you. Breathe it in; let it resound in your ears. Add a little color to your life. 



Don't forget to RELAX!