I have had the joy of seeing the Hawkins family grow from the very beginning. Seven years ago, I witnessed Jesslyn walk into the church a Galbreath Girl and ride out of the church on her husband's back as Mrs. Hawkins! Since then, I have documented both pregnancies, births, and now a little piece of their home. Jesslyn is a wonderfully wise woman who brings an atmosphere of peace wherever she goes, but does not lack in courage when needed. Keep your eyes glued to the Best Sellers list, because the eloquent words this woman weaves are going to powerful in print. Eric is an encourager of the adventurous spirit, and he teaches his sons well. More times than not, he has a new project started when I visit, and finished by the time I come back: genuine jack of all trades. Their children, well just look at them. Adorable. Elliot is a curious kid with a big heart, and man does he like to run! Hudson is coming up on his second birthday now and has the most mischievous eyes I've ever seen. They are a truly incredible family. 

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