I had planned to launch this post on Easter. The images are from a year ago Easter day. It was warm, and the sky was perfectly overcast creating a larger than life soft box. Instead of posting it, I deleted it. At the moment I was frustrated by my failed attempt to be ahead of the game. Now, I am encouraged because it enabled me to share something that I learned this Easter and have now had some time to reflect on. The photos are from last Easter because I was not able to go home this year. I spent the day preparing tables for families and friends to eat. Usually this brings my heart joy, being able to serve people, but on this day all I could think about was how I'd rather be spending time with  my family. I was bitter. When I got back to my apartment that evening, it was quiet and I had some time to think. How many times have I been blind to the burden I have placed on someone in order to make my own life easier or for entertainment? I would have loved to be with my family this Easter, but I am oh so grateful for this experience. Knowing that the products I buy are ethical is important to me, but now my eyes have been open not only to my consumer power but how my actions may have an unethical effect on those around me. 

So here you are. This is my family, the driving force behind my growth and drive to seek justice.