Throughout the year I have had the opportunity of meeting some wonderful couples and  I will share a few glimpses soon but for my first post here I want to share a little piece of me. Well actually this is a very big piece of me: my family. Over the years with some additions and subtractions we have come to be known as the Bergalkins Family. This is a little impromptu photo booth we decided to do at Buela's house. 

My Momma (Buela): Strong. Hilarious. Courageously Beautiful.

My Momma (Buela): Strong. Hilarious. Courageously Beautiful.

The Bergmans: Gentle. Adventurous. Inspiring. 

Adelyn: Pure Hearted. Bold. 


The Bergalkins Boys: Brothers I couldn't have picked out better myself and nephews too cute for words

The Hawkins: Wise. Go-getters. Freakin Awesome Parents. 

The Galbreath Girls.