From the moment she recognized my Anne of Green Gables reference, I knew Kestrel and I would become co-adventurers. We met just a few days before she was heading home to Washington for the summer. Our afternoon was spent drinking tea, walking through the Westside, and talking about photography. For any of you that don't know me, those are three of my biggest loves. This girl is very dear to my heart, she has since been a partner in exploration, my second shooter, and a source of inspiration and challenge to keep moving forward with my work and dreams. 

These images are from two separate adventures. The first set from this morning on the frozen waves of Lake Michigan. I am winter fanatic. The snow, the ice, the crisp air and numb toes, I love it all. Getting up before dawn and driving down to the lake with this little lady refreshed my spirit. I bought a Mamiya C330S TLR this summer and even though these are digital images, I have an itch to think in squares. Less and less, in my personal work at least, will you see rectangles. Enjoy!


121121_Aman Park-2.jpg
121121_Aman Park-1.jpg