Geoffrey |The Frenchman

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The Minimalist : He could fit his favorite possessions in a 65L pack. 

The Funny Man : Reminding people to take life a bit less seriously.

The Adventurer : The kind you want to have on your team, pushing you forward, and prepared for all situations.

His first thought may always be about food, but it comes from his desire for inclusion. There is a beautiful ebb and flow between his desire to teach and his desire to learn: listening beyond the spoken words and digging deeper into the beautiful details that make each individual uniquely themselves. 

April The American


The Backpacker : She would live in a tent her whole life if she could!

The Climber : Starting with climbing pine trees at the age of three.

The Activist : Always siding for justice + equality, and inspiring people through her lens to see humanity in a new light. 

She is a tea lover, but you wouldn't guess it by the trail of half-empty cups of cold tea she leaves around the house. She melts for tiny objects and dreams of living in a sustainable micro house. Which may pose a problem since my vows to her included a promise to let her grow a miniature forest in our home.